“Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier.”

A cliché statement that everyone loves to use implying that we don’t have to go by the riverside to wash our laundry by hand, nor do we have to manually do housework or heat our homes with stoves. And this is only household chores-Yes, it is true that we can communicate with anyone we want in the world at any time; we can archive and file our knowledge infinitely, gather data and use it endlessly instead of writing everything down and trying to make paper files with colored pens. Yes, in many ways that I could and would not write down here, life has become easier and we can honor the cliché statement.

Well then, why is it that we never have time for anything when technology does things so much faster for us and relieves us of automated useless chores? Why don’t we still have no time for anything? Why can’t we stop and rest?

I think the cliché statement should be rewritten to say: “Technology has made our lives more complicated.” It has taken away our true freedom by handing us artificial freedom that is the outcome of the menial tasks it has taken away from our lives and wrapped up this freedom in beautiful colored paper and we have all rejoiced. Just think! Everybody and that does not include just family and friends, governments even know exactly where you are and what you are doing at any given time if they feel the need to interrogate. We are so accessible it is pathetic. Technology has taken away our right to lose ourselves, a basic right that humans need. The modern version of this concept is privacy and it does not exist for anyone anymore.

Technology, the serial killer first murdered our minds, then, our bodies and now it is time for our souls… What is next??



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