"If you were on an island and were allowed to only bring 3 things, what would they be?"

Since my childhood, I have heard this question more than 100 times... but had never really thought about it. After 15 days in my own island, today, I know the answer… 

When I was a kid, I would question so many things. Why do I have only this and the other has a “better this?” What kind of equality system exists in the world? Why am I having this problem, and the other is not? Is there a religion? Is there a creator? If there is, why doesn’t he give the same opportunities to everyone? Millions and millions of questions… Eventually, I decided to leave myself into the hands of the unknown and chose the comfort of belief….  I thought that my brain would thus stop questioning and would accept everything the way it was. My “curselligence” of course did not let me for long. I started to analyze everything that unfolded around me, and finally concluded that God gives exams to us to improve us, to make us stronger, to give us the opportunity to complete our deficiencies.

Now what’s happening in the world makes me question everything again; what is the message that we should take from the disaster around us? What is my portion? What am I supposed to learn? I need to find the answer because the “island experience” will end if I discover it. Think of yours, take your lesson so we will all be saved…


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