Growing Up

We were two lost kids who crashed into each other in the maze of life. Now, we will walk our ways separately because after the collision, we could not help each other grow up.

At first it will hurt us but then we will understand the necessity of going our own ways….

You cannot feel hurt when you lose something if it has never been yours.

Life is a complicated problem that I have never had the chance to solve so far.

Going away from yourself never solves your problems. Just makes them bigger every time.

We were not lovers, we were not friends, we were not relatives. We were something more than all because we gave each other the chance to know our realities.

You lost in this journey, I won… I was happy….

You were damaged, I wanted to heal you. However, you were too blinded to see my intention….

We were different from each other. I was the moon; you were the sun. I was the light; you were the dark. I was winter; you were summer. I loved our differences until you decided to leave me…


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