What to master before moving!

Whether college will be your first time moving away from your family, or the next step in your already independent life, there are some things you should know before packing your bags. These are some universal skills to master before you head off,
regardless if you’re attending school in your hometown, or a new country.

First, learn how to cook a few healthy meals. Take-out will get boring, not to mention the Freshman 15 can catch up to you quick if fast food becomes a new normal. Sure, we can all cook pasta, but carbs with little nutritional value won’t keep you running for long. Instead, learn how to saute some zucchini noodles, or slow roast vegetables in the oven. These are just a few easy but impressive dishes to keep your energy up
while you study. If you’re living a dormitory without a common kitchen, it may be trickier to get your vitamins. Try to snack on raw veggies and fruit, so you can feel better about eating mac and cheese at the dining hall later.

Second, remember how to write a letter. This will come in handy, believe me. Writing and addressing letters seems like something you’ll never need, with the internet and email so prominent now, but it’s still a life skill you should have. Writing a letter to your family members now and again will help bridge the gap of time and distance- there’s something about seeing handwriting on paper that will brighten their day.
Also, in college you’ll want to write thank you letters for professors or your internship trainer. These gestures will help you stick out as a genuine student and keep your relationships thriving.

Third, get a grip on public transportation. No matter where you’re going, the chances of having a car the first year on campus is slim, depending where you attend. So, to prevent getting stuck in your room most of the year, figure out the local transportation
system and the best way to travel to nearby cities. This will give you the confidence and freedom to explore and experience your new home without calling a taxi. Plus, you can share your information with friends and then plan a getaway day together in
a new area of town.

Last, practice managing a budget. Too many people spend money in college on socializing and food, which makes them broke when it’s time to buy project materials for a class. Decide how much you can spend each month, and do a practice month before you move. This way, you can see if your budget is realistic before it’s time to put it to use. Don’t forget to include everything you might spend money on, plus extra
each month for mishaps like a broken phone charger or a new backpack.

Photo Taken : Lucier, Kelci Lynn. "Tips for Students and What to Expect on College Move-In Day." ThoughtCo, Feb. 11, 2020, thoughtco.com/college-move-in-day-793580.


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