Majors : What is Aerospace Engineering?

Aerospace Engineering

As the principal branch of engineering concerned with the development of flight vehicles, Aerospace Engineering (AE) is one of the most promising career paths within the STEM fields. Due to the technical complexities, aerospace engineers select a particular area of expertise. The main branches of AE, Aeronautic and Astronautic, enable students to become anything from aircraft and spacecraft designers to astronauts.


Although it may seem particular, AE is a crucially multidisciplinary field that depends on extensive and comprehensive curricula for its students to acquire sufficient understanding of all the fields it encompasses, such as mechanical engineering and systems analysis. An average curriculum for AE would include basic science classes, such as aerodynamics and avionics, as well as practical and experimental design courses.



Here is an example curriculum of Delft University’s Aerospace Engineering course;



The basics

During the first year you will get familiar with the basics of engineering design as well as dive into maths and physics. The accompanying theory is provided to the student in a multitude of ways, under the guidance of professors and students in higher years. The degree is taught in English from day one.


Deepening your knowledge

During the second year the focus will shift away from the basics towards aerospace specific courses. The basic knowledge from the first year will be expanded and applied. Moreover, the second year will see more projects and practical tutorials. You will learn how to design systems and interpret and process your measurement data.


Finalising your degree

You will start the third year with a minor of your choice. Finally, you will deal with the last step in the design process: verification and validation. As part of the course on flight dynamics, you will fly in our Cessna Citation II business yet. This is our flying classroom, from which you will be able to perform aerial measurements. You will finish the year, and your degree, with a Design Synthesis Exercise (DSE). With nine fellow students you will work on a design assignment that will be delivered to industry, institutes, or fellow scientists. You will finish the DSE with a presentation in front of an expert jury, friends and family.



Here below you can also find the videos about Aerospace Engineering by clicking the links;




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