Majors : What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering BSc

Civil Engineering (CE), arguably one of the oldest engineering branches in history, is the main field that works on improving the quality of everyday life for humans, communities, and societies around the world. Generally speaking, CE is an effective and practical way of contributing to society through technical, scientific, and creative skills. Civil engineers often find work in consulting firms, private industries, and governmental agencies. Eventually, students can determine a specific area of CE —structural, environmental, materials or coastal— they want to follow as a career path.

The unique balance of disciplines within a CE curriculum usually depends on the specialisation selections of the student. A CE student can expect an exceptionally diverse curriculum, including engineering tracks such as general engineering, water resources engineering, and transportation engineering. These assorted specialisations combine to create subtly unique education according to the choices of each student.

As an example, here is a curriculum of Kings College’s Civil Engineering course;


1st Year - Fall (15 cr)

CHEM 113 General Chemistry I (3 cr)

CHEM 113L General Chemistry I Lab (1 cr)

PHYS 113 Physics for Scientists & Engineers I (3 cr)

PHYS 113L Physics for Scientists & Eng I Lab (1 cr)

MATH 129 Calculus I (4 cr)

ENGR 150 Engineering Seminar (2 cr)

HCE 101 Holy Cross Experience (1 cr)
1st Year - Spring (18* cr)

CHEM 114 General Chemistry II (3 cr)

CHEM 114L General Chemistry II Lab (1 cr)

PHYS 114 Physics for Scientists & Engineers II (3 cr)

PHYS 114L Physics for Scientists & Eng II Lab (1 cr)

MATH 130 Calculus II (4 cr)

CORE (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)
2nd Year - Fall (16.5 cr)

CE 200 Introduction to Civil Engineering (3 cr)

CE 200L Intro to Civil Engineering Lab (.5 cr)

MATH 231 Calculus III (4 cr)

MATH 238 Differential Equations (3 cr)

CS 111 Programming for Science and Engineering (2 cr)

CS 111L Programming for Science and Engineering Lab (1 cr)

PHYS 241 Statics (3 cr)
2nd Year – Spring (19.5* cr)

ENGR 250 System Design & Analysis (3 cr)

ENGR 250L System Design & Analysis Lab (1 cr)

ENGR 350 Engineering Materials(3 cr)

ENGR 350L Engineering Materials Lab (.5 cr)

PHYS 242 Mechanics of Solids (3 cr)

MATH 237 Mathematical Methods for the Physical Sciences (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)
3rd Year – Fall (19.5* cr)

ENGR 320 Fluid Mechanics (3 cr)

ENGR 320L Fluid Mechanics Lab (.5 cr)

ENGR 330 Project Management (3 cr)

CE 300 Dynamics and Modeling (3 cr)

ENST 201 Environmental Science I (3 cr)

ENST 201L Environmental Science I Lab (1 cr)

CORE (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)
3rd Year – Spring (17 cr)

CE 320 Civil Engineering Materials (3 cr)

CE 320L Civil Eng Materials Lab (1 cr)

CE 340 Hydraulics and Hydrology (3 cr)

CE 340L Hydraulics and Hydrology Lab (1 cr)

ENGR 360 Probability & Engineering Statistics (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)
4th Year - Fall (19* cr)

CE 400 Structural Design and Analysis I (3 cr)

CE 400L Structural Design and Analysis I Lab (1 cr)

CE 360 Geotechnical Engineering (3 cr)

CE 420 Transportation Engineering (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)

CORE (3cr)
4th Year – Spring (18* cr)

CE 410 Structural Design and Analysis II (3 cr)

CE 410L Structural Design and Analysis II Lab (1 cr)

CE 430 Environmental Engineering (3 cr)

CE 440 Senior Design (3 cr)

CE 440L Senior Design Lab (1 cr)

CE 480 Senior CE Seminar (1 cr)

CORE (3 cr)

CORE (3 cr)


Here below you can also watch the videos about Civil Engineering by clicking the links;


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